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Jack’s BLT Cheeseburger – How Do They Keep Coming Up With This Stuff?


OK, we have had bacon cheeseburgers elsewhere – everyone has them.  But Jack’s new BLT Cheeseburger tastes a bit different.  It actually tastes more like a BLT than a hamburger.


The sandwich is a basic cheeseburger, that’s meat, cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomato with a couple strips of crunchy bacon on top.  Not sure if it is the assembly order (everything is pretty much up top) or just the bacony-ness of the bacon, but coupled with the mayo and lettuce this sandwich speaks BLT to me.


So I guess that begs a question – why not just sell a BLT and cut out the burger middleman?  Well, any JITB fan worth their salty bacon would know that Jack is all about the burgers.  And they have proven time and again, they are willing to experiment.


Just look at that sandwich above!  Nice job, Jack.  Once again you tantalize my taste buds with an unpretentious but delicious burger.

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