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Jack In The Box’s New Fries Are A Step In The Right Direction

jack in the box fries poster

Jack In The Box’s new fries are a step backwards – which in any other context would be an insult.  However, in this case, it’s a compliment.  Gone are the heavy coating and potato-skin-left-on texture.  What we are left with is a nicely seasoned, crisp and skinny fry that tastes great straight or when dipped in ketchup (or your favorite dipping sauce.)


jack in the box fries beauty shot

I appreciate the effort Jack seems to be making to acknowledge its past.  Even the new design of the placemat includes a cool retro pattern and a nifty logo timeline (hard to see on the left side of the pic above.)  Anyway, back to the fry.  This version is much closer to the original (although still not as good) and does away with that thick coating that was meant to either improve crispiness, flavor, or both.  I still haven’t figured that out, as I lamented in my Death of The Plain Old French Fry article last year.  In any case, thank you Jack In The Box, for the effort.

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