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Jack In The Box

About: Founded in 1951 in California. About 1900 locations

Contact: 800-955-5225. Jack In The Box, Inc.: 9330 Balboa Ave., San Diego, CA 92123-1516

Author Recommends: Ultimate Cheeseburger (Meat, cheese, cheese, meat, cheese). Or, for smaller appetites, try the Big Cheeseburger (same taste, smaller sandwich)

A bit more expensive than McDonald’s or Burger King, Jack In The Box also boasts a willingness to experiment with new and different menu items. For burger enthusiasts, the Jumbo Jack is somewhat of a disappointment. Try it with the secret sauce to pump up the flavor. Or, better yet, enjoy the Ultimate Cheeseburger. With this burger, the genius is in its simplicity.

By the way, speaking of the Ultimate Cheeseburger, JITB has one of the coolest websites around. Who else would devote an entire section to a fictional boy band called the Meaty Cheesy Boys? Too cool. Or the latest, their fake football team the Carnivores? JITB wants us to think they’re hip. And it’s working. Just lower your individual burger prices. We know you’re trying to steer people into buying a combo, but $3.89 for an Ultimate Cheeseburger alone is a rip-off.

It seems as if every fast food chain other than McDonald’s got together a few years ago and decide they would all introduce what they all tout as a better French fry. And the result is a Burger King fry that tastes just like the Jack In The Box fry. And these two taste surprisingly like the Arby’s fry (except that Arby’s makes theirs look different with the potato skin look.) Let’s hope that Carl’s Jr.’s unwillingness to play that game will be seen as a signal to the likes of BK and JITB that it’s time to switch back.-RB

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