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Jack in the Box Double Jack Review

jitb double jack box

For this year’s Super Bowl, Jack in the Box rolled out a Million Burger Giveaway that ran from 2/7 through 2/15, or one million burgers (whichever comes first.) I picked up my burger on Sunday 2/14 and since it was free opted for the Double Jack with Cheese.

jitb double jack

The Double Jack is a fast food burger that had me wondering why Jack in the Box didn’t do this sooner. Seems pretty straightforward: Take the popular classic Jumbo Jack and slap on another patty. The Jumbo Jack already comes with two slices of cheese, so that pretty much is all you’re getting on the bigger sandwich: more meat. Yes, you get the new premium “buttery bakery bun” but you get that on the Jumbo Jack too, so no gain there.

The burger is assembled meat first with no spread or condiments on the heel. With everything up top, I resisted the temptation to eat the sandwich upside down. The sandwich was juicy and flavorful, with the generous construction by my local Jack in the Box team as you can see above. Every bite had flavor, and the sandwich only benefited from the extra patty. As you know, my ideal meat:condiment ratio is 0.9:1. This one was probably 1.2:1, but something about the way this one was put together didn’t make the ingredients feel out of balance. I was left satisfied and pleased with the overall burger.

Nutritionally, it is worth noting that this is not a light sandwich. Compared with the Jumbo Jack, the additional patty bumps up by over 30% most of the metrics. I decided to run a quick comparison against the Jumbo Jack as well as four other popular double cheeseburgers found at competing fast food chains. The results are in the table below:

      McDonald’s Burger King Wendy’s Carl’s Jr.
  Double Jack Jumbo Jack Double QtrPdr Dbl Whopper 1/2lb Double Super Star
Serving Size (g) 319 245 291 397    
Calories 830 600 780 990 790 930
Calories from fat 520 360 410 570 460 510
Total Fat (g) 58 40 45 63 51 56
Saturated Fat (g) 22 14 21 23 20 23
Cholesterol (mg) 140 80 175 135 175 140
Sodium (mg) 1130 990 1310 1330 1460 1540
NOTE: All sandwiches above with cheese        

As you can see, The Double Jack is roughly on par with a McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder, A Burger King Double Whopper, a Wendy’s Double, and a Carl’s Jr. Super Star. All were compared with cheese and standard toppings using the nutrition info on each fast food chain’s respective website. Note the big jump from the Jumbo Jack to the Double Jack all for the addition of an additional patty. Honestly, I can’t see anything else that was added so I’m a bit surprised by the jump there. Also, I had wanted to use the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder Deluxe for comparison since it has lettuce and tomato but the Double QP was more accurate from a size perspective. The scores above speak for themselves. We’re not endorsing or discouraging any particular item or path and you regular readers know of our passion for all things fast food. But an informed choice is a happy choice.

All in all, I’m happy to say the Double Jack lives up to expectations. It’s a fine no-frills sandwich that satisfies in size, taste, and tummy-filling.

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