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Jack In The Box Buttery Jack Review

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The Buttery Jack burgers at Jack In The Box come in two flavors, the Classic and the Bacon & Swiss. Both fast food burgers come with melted herb garlic butter on the patty and a “toasty gourmet bun” for added style.

 jack in the box buttery jack

Beauty shots from Jack In The Box’s website

I decided to try the Classic version, but when I got home I found that I was given the Bacon & Swiss instead. Thanks Jack.

jack in the box buttery jack

jack in the box buttery jack

The Buttery Jack arrived in its own branded box which implies that the sandwich will be around for a while. Inside, the burger was wrapped in paper and the whole sandwich was oozing oil. That shiny bun – that’s oil. Yummy.

jack in the box buttery jack

Inside, things didn’t get much better. Jack In The Box describes the above sandwich as:

New, signature burger with a juicy 1/4 lb* beef patty topped with melted garlic herb butter, layered with strips of hickory smoked bacon and real Swiss cheese, with a dab of creamy bacon mayo on a soft and airy, perfectly toasty new gourmet bun for a sublimely juicy taste that is melt-in-your-mouth amazing

What I got was a greasy, heavy-tasting, drab hamburger. Yes, it was juicy, if by juicy you mean lots of napkins just to wipe fingers after touching the bun. As you can probably tell, I am not a fan of this burger. I don’t expect the Classic version would have been much better, but at least I would have had a tomato for some slight nutritional redemption. Speaking of nutrition, the above Bacon & Swiss sandwich had 887 calories and 59 grams of fat, with 25 saturated. 145mg of cholesterol and a whopping 1346mg of sodium. Yikes. Interestingly, I would have been better off on almost all counts with my old standby, the far superior Ultimate Cheeseburger. Only in the sodium department does that better burger lose ground, probably due to the double patty and all the cheese.

No recommendation for the Buttery Jacks. Please try again Jack In The Box!

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