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in-n-out burgerAbout: Founded in 1948, Baldwin Park, CA. 140 family-owned locations throughout the southwest

Contact: 800-786-1000

Author Recommends: Grilled onions. Use ketchup dispenser when dining inside to avoid refrigerated ketchup packets.

Reader Natalie Flowers recommends: “Double double with grilled onions,fries,vanilla shake.MMMM!” and says that they offer “Great food and very friendly service!” (1/19/03)

Not many things say “Southern California” like a hamburger. And the quintessential Southern California burger, at least for the last few decades, is probably the In-N-Out Double Double. “Always fresh, never frozen,” this is one of those burgers where you can taste all of the ingredients. And the private ownership of In-N-Out, not unlike another Southern California native, Tommy’s, has wisely chosen not to sacrifice quality for the sake of expansion. This has helped not only keep quality up, but also to up the value of the SoCal factor.

The menu at In-N-Out is extremely simple. Burgers. Fries. Soda, lemonade or a milk shake. That’s it. No chicken. No salads. No kid’s meals. But, savvy visitors know there’s more to the menu than what’s posted. For example, vegetarians can order a grilled cheese sandwich. And if a Double Double isn’t quite enough, you can order any combination of extra meat and cheese up to a “nine by nine” that won’t fit in your mouth. Just ask for “double meat, triple cheese” or whatever. Oh, and don’t forget to ask for “grilled onions.”

A tip about the “combo” menu. Unlike other major fast food chains, ordering a combo by number (like a “Number 1”) does not save you money. The food is just grouped together at regular price for your “ordering convenience.”

Despite the simplicity of the menu, the staff at In-N-Out can still manage to screw up an order. That’s why we appreciate the toll-free number printed right on the side of the bag. Courteous and efficient staffers are on hand to apologize for any mix-up and to ensure you’ll come back for more. -RB

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