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Hardee’s Chicken Club Review

hardees chicken club

Being from the western side of the U.S., I’m used to Carl’s Jr. but every once in a while I try the counterpart – Hardee’s. Born of an acquisition of the former by the latter, the two menus are mostly synchronized. There are some regional differences, but the bottom line is if you’re craving one of the core menu items at Hardee’s you’ll find it at Carl’s. And vice versa, as this sandwich shows.

We’ve long established that nobody makes a better grilled chicken fast food sandwich than Carl’s. So is the eastern version just as good? YES. I ordered my usual variation: subbing bbq for mayo to bring the carlories down a smidge and add some additional zing. Not that the sandwich isn’t great with mayo, just my thing.

The sandwich arrived on a cardboard basket. They messed up my order the first time, basically delivering a BBQ chicken sandwich instead of just subbing the sauce on the club. Well, I want my bacon and Swiss please. The staff at the Alpharetta, GA location was polite and I quickly got what I ordered. It was mouth-wateringly good.

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