Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers


I finally got around to trying out Freddy’s, a frozen custard and burger chain similar to Culver’s. I ordered the #1 “California Style” which adds 1000 island and lettuce to the standard double cheeseburger.

The burger was full of flavor. The hand-smashed patties are very then, which makes a double burger no big deal. Flattening out the patty also helps the burger to cook all the way through. If you like your beef well done, you will love Freddy’s. I found a bit too much singed meat around the edges of my burger, hanging off the sides like blackened condiments. It was so dry and gristled I did not even feed it to my dog, who likes accompanying me on these taste adventures.

Here’s the meat:

The combo comes with shoestring fries which were very tasty. They give you a generous portion that fills up the rest of the basket. But they have to – these fries are so skinny you need to eat three or four to equal one standard fry. But I love the format. Also, it didn’t hurt that they sell Pepsi with my favorite type of ice – crushed. Woo! All in all, aside from the dryness of the meat, this meal was a winner.

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