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Freddy’s Chicken Tenders Review

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Now that I have a Freddy’s down the street, I am trying menu items other than their delicious fast food burger. Their chicken tenders come in Regular (3pc) and Large (5pc) sizes. Check them out – these suckers are huge!

freddys chicken tenders

Most closely resembling the chicken strips you’d get at a coffee shop like IHOP of Village Inn, the Freddy’s Chicken Tenders are large, fluffy, 

and flavorful. I could’ve easily eaten them straight, but they are so generous with the sauce I had to dip ’em in some honey mustard. And wow, their honey mustard is not the bland, single-color fast food variety. Rather, it’s a bit higher in quality, also like something that you’d find at a sit down restaurant.

freddys chicken tenders

If it sounds like I am devoting ridiculously high praise to a chicken finger, you would be right. These guys deserve it. The five piece was not necessary for a meal for one person, especially when ordered as a combo with fries. Share them or get the smaller Regular order. 

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