Five Guys

Five Guys’ focus on a simple menu has delicious results.  Burgers, cheeseburgers, and a stray hot dog or two are the only entrees.  the service is fast and friendly.  You can nibble on shelled peanuts while you wait for your order.

five guys kitchen

Burgers and cheeseburgers are all served as doubles by default.  If you don’t want that much meat, order a “Little” for a single patty.  The meat is juicy and fresh and always cooked “well done”.  Combined with the extensive selection of free toppings it reminded me of a burger I would make on a backyard bbq.  The bun is sturdy enough to survive through to the last bite – quite a feat for a burger with so many toppings.

five guys burger

A generous portion of fries placed in your bag with more dumped on top is enough for two or three hungry people.  They are moist and delicious, and I appreciate the ability to coat them in vinegar (I’m old school).

five guys fries

All in all, a tasty treat, but not something I’d want to eat every day, or even every week.  And when you split the fries with a couple of friends, the overall cost is reasonable.

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