Burgers and Sandwiches Reviews


About: Founded in 1952, Los Angeles, CA
90 locations mostly in the southwest but also in the four corners of the continental U.S.

Contact: 310-319-1855
Fatburger North America, Inc.
1218 Third Street Promenade
Santa Monica, CA 90401-1308

Fatburger does all it can to de-emphasize the word “Fat” in the company’s name. It prefers to think of “fat” as meaning the burgers are loaded with good, fresh ingredients. And it’s true that, back in the ’50’s, “fat” meant premium and high quality.

Fatburger is bold enough to do what Fast Food Source saw as a need a long time ago: put the menu and prices on their website. Keeping in mind that prices vary (the web prices are different from the prices we gathered while in the field), this is still very helpful. If you want a burger from a chain that doesn’t taste like it came off an assembly line, then go to Fatburger.


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