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Fatburger Carries On The Questionable Vendor Promoting Trend


OK, this seems to be a trend.  First, I spot a Tyson Chicken logo on a Del Taco window poster.  If that wasn’t strange enough, the other day I came across this stand-up for Fatburger:

fatburger jennie o turkeyburger

Yeah, that is the Turkeyburger “made with real Jennie-O ground turkey.”  Real, like there are a bunch of Jennie-O ground turkey imposters out there.  Like the Tyson thing, I am not sure I need to know this.  Maybe I should look at this as the reverse of fast food branded supermarket items, like those with the Taco Bell logo in the Mexican food section.  And I just saw tortilla chips and jars of queso branded for the non-fast food On The Border chain.

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