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Fast Food Source 10th Anniversary

fast food source 10th anniversary

August marks the 10th anniversary of Fast Food Source.  Back in 2000, most fast food chains barely had websites, let alone full menus or nutrition information.  In fact, many well known chains didn’t even have restaurant locators online.  So, in the early days, did a lot of linking to Yahoo for locations.

But one thing we did then that we still do now is rely upon manual collection of restaurant menu info by actually eating at the restaurants and writing down the menu boards and prices.  This is where you, the loyal reader, can play a part.  Use the comment area of our menu pages to post items not in our list.  The goal is not to just have a snapshot of one particular restaurant location’s menu but a cross-section of that chain’s offerings from across America.  That would be really cool.

Here’s to another decade of fast food dining, reviews, information, and new food items.  Who knows what we’ll unwrap in the future!

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