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Fast Food Restaurant Review: Pollo Tropical

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Pollo Tropical is a small regional fast food restaurant that began in 1988 with its first location in Miami. The fast food chain now has stores in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and a handful of international locations in the Caribbean and Latin America. Like the Mexican chain El Pollo Loco on the West Coast, Pollo Tropical specializes in a variety of grilled chicken, beef, and pork dishes, but with a distinctly international Caribbean vibe.

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Pollo Tropical has a large menu of specialties, including roasted pork, “Caribbean” ribs, chicken wraps, and salads. One of the unique features is a great salsa and condiment bar, with quite an extensive array of flavors to add to your already flavorful order.


You can check out the menu now, but check back next week when we review one if their new menu offerings, the Tangy Pineapple Chicken Wrap.

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