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Farmer Boys

Dubbing themselves the makers of the “World’s Greatest Hamburgers” I had to try one. The burger has fresh ingredients and isfarmer boys made in the style of a small mom & pop burger joint as opposed to the mass-market chains. The taste compares favorably with that of a Fatburger, thick and juicy with generous portions of fries or giant onion rings.

This small but growing chain is developing quite a following in Southern California. The menus, signs and placemats all proudly proclaim that the burger was voted “best” by

KFRG Radio
Inland Empire Magazine
Entertainment Book (they rate burgers?!)
Bob Cunningham, Food Critic (Heck, aren’t we all?)

The bottom line, however, is that I cannot say this is the “best” burger. It’s good, but not any more unique than the fresh, juicy burgers you get at smaller operations. I’ve had the same or better at the small west side “Burger Cafe” chain, Tom’s Restaurant in Santa Monica, and definitely better with quite possibly the best burger: the 1/4 lb. cheeseburger at Holiday Burger in Mission Hills.

The good thing is that this is a chain that is trying to keep the small restaurant taste while expanding into franchises. Time will tell whether they succeed.

By the way, the menu is quite extensive, so even non-burger fans (GASP!) will find something to enjoy. They even have Mexican food and salads.


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