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El Pollo Loco Crazy Chicken Poster

Check out this liberal re-use of this picture in the following two window cling posters:

they both sound like pretty good deals, but look at the pics.  They are the SAME pictures.  That is more than eight pieces in the 8pc poster.  I count eleven, but there is one probably hiding to make the middle stick up.  On the 12pc version, they have tortillas in the background, which they either Photoshopped in or took out of the 8pc one.

Can you go in and say you want what is pictured and get it?  Is this false advertising?  The answer to both questions is “probably not.” I think it’s just sloppy work.  What’s more, these pics are side-by-side on the SAME store window.  C’mon El Pollo Loco advertising dept, make an effort.

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