Eating In Your Car

What could be more SoCal than eating in your car? Now, we are definitely not promoting anything as unsafe as actually eating and driving at the same time, but here are some tips for those who want to keep their upholstery neat while grabbing a quick bite in their car:

Instead of…

…eating fries from the little bag they came in
…dumping the fries into the big paper bag your order came in and eating them out of there (you can use the little bag as a handy “fry scoop”)

…eating a large burger
…eating two small burgers

…ordering nachos
…order fries

…getting the largest soft drink
…get one that actually fits into your cup holder

Here are some things you should never try to eat behind the wheel:

Anything with chili
Anything from Carl’s Jr.
An ice cream cone
Fried chicken
Chips and salsa
Easy to eat behind the wheel

Chicken nuggets (no sauce)
Hot dogs with light (“easy”) toppings

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