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Easy Pickin’s

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Here’s a scratcher I found in a box in my garage.  It’s McDonald’s Easy Pickin’s Quiz, where you match a question against multiple choice answers.  If you guess correctly, then you scratch off one of six boxes to reveal a prize.  Here you can see I won a regular order of fries.   It is a crime that these fries have gone uneaten for 30 years (the contest was in 1980).  I also neglected to take advantage of the Wherehouse music coupon good for $2 off either a Smokey & The Bandit 2 or Xanadu soundtrack.

It’s hard to read the fine print here, but the game was somewhat lame now that I read it: “Breakfast prizes will be awarded only during breakfast hours with the concurrent purchase of a breakfast entree” and “all other McDonald’s food prizes will be awarded during dinner hours with the concurrent purchase of a large sandwich.”  No wonder I didn’t redeem – I couldn’t drive in 1980 and my mom probably wasn’t going to take me to McDonald’s just for some free fries at dinner.  By the way, one of the large sandwiches that qualifies is the “Chopped Beefsteak Sandwich.”  What happened to that?!

Still, I miss contests like this.  I am always happy when the Monopoly game rolls around.  There is something satisfying about the potential for instant wins, akin to the thrill of lottery tickets.  McDonald’s – BRING BACK GAMES LIKE THESE.

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