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Dickey’s Pulled Pork Street Taco Review

dickeys pulled pork tacos

Dickey’s BBQ is now offering Pulled Pork Street Tacos. The meal is $9.95 and comes with four tacos, a side item and a drink (aka Big Yellow Cup). Now that the Deal of the Day is $9.99, this meal is a smidge cheaper than any other special on a combo meal. Is it worth it? Read on.

dickeys pulled pork tacos

Each street taco comes on soft double corn tortillas. Being street tacos, the size is small, as you can tell in relation to the fork in the above pic. The taco consists of pulled pork, a bbq sauce drizzle, and a scoop of coleslaw.

First of all, if you like Dickey’s pulled pork and you like tacos, you won’t be disappointed. Dickey’s brought in a panini press to warm the pre-packaged tortillas before assembly. The tortillas were a bit hard and bland. But as much as I’d prefer tortillas made fresh in the store, I find it hard to fault a bbq joint for going with the bag. And the panini press begs the questions: “Why bring in a new piece of equipment for one menu item? Could Dickey’s be thinking of other hot sandwiches like full-on paninis or wraps?”

dickeys soft serve

In any case, I was happy with my meal. Four street tacos were satisfying. Topped off with a trip to the soft serve machine and I was full. However, if you’re undecided you can order two tacos for $3 a la carte and try them inexpensively.

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