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Del Taco Salsa Fresca and Grilled Chicken Taco Head-to-Head

del taco salsa fresca and chicken soft taco compare

I love the Grilled Chicken Taco at Del Taco. Formerly called the Chicken Soft Taco, that little gem is a delight largely due to its “savory secret sauce.” This week, I thought I’d compare it side-by-side with another mini chicken taco: the Salsa Fresca Chicken Taco. We’ve previously reviewed the Salsa Fresca Chicken Taco, but here’s how the new guy stacks up against my old standby.

salsa fresca and grilled chicken compare

The Salsa Fresca Taco (on the left) comes in two soft corn tortillas. Akin to a street taco, it’s straightforward ingredients simply include chicken and pico de gallo. The Grilled Chicken Taco (on the right) is the same grilled chicken plus lettuce, cheese, and the aforementioned secret sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla. Sizewise, they are both roughly the same. These are not big tacos, so you’ll need more than one of whichever you choose.

salsa fresca and grilled chicken compare

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The secret sauce in the Del Taco Grilled Chicken Taco is basically a creamy ranch-style sauce. Add in hot sauce (I prefer the medium “Del Scorcho”) and you really have something special. On the other hand, the Fresca doesn’t have as much going on in the flavor department. That makes sense, given it’s only chicken and pico. Even adding sauce, I was not able to jazz up the taco much. As I said in the previous review, adding hot sauce worked fine.

Nutrition-wise, you will not be surprised that the Salsa Fresca taco wins out with its absence of cheese and creamy sauce. 


Item Serving Size (g) Calories Sat Fat (g) Sodium (mg) Cholesterol (mg)
Salsa Fresca Chicken Taco 109 150 0 310 30
Grilled Chicken Taco 106 220 3 49 45


Both fast food tacos are inexpensive and tasty. But I think the best of both worlds might be to simply add pico to the Grilled Chicken Taco.

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