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Del Taco’s Wacky Online Game

del taco slow cooked challenge

Want to win prizes for staring at meat cooking? Then Del Taco is your place. To promote the return of Del Taco’s slow-cooked carnitas fast food menu items, Del Taco has rolled out “The Slow Cooked Challenge.” If you watch a video of the meat cooking for 15 seconds, you win a free drink. Well, not exactly free. Free with purchase of any Epic burrito. Watch the meat cook for 30 minutes and you win a free Carnitas Taco al Carbon (with purchase.)

When they say watch, they mean WATCH. Once the video and timer start, moving your mouse or pressing a key stops the clock and you are out. Additionally, they do random reflex tests every minute or two where you have to click the screen (the only time a mouse is permitted) in a certain amount of time or else you are out again.

Why so strict? Well there are much grander prizes than a free taco. Try a $50 gift card to the first 25 people who

successfully watch the video for five hours straight. Or if you are crazy (or have a crazy team of friends) you could be one of two winners of free Del Taco for a year by watching for 24 hours. Those last two, being limited, supposedly warn you before you start that they are still available. I did the first and second prize easily enough and actually won the taco after only 15 minutes, not 30. But after about 45 minutes I gave up. It didn’t, however, tell me that shooting for the 5 hour prize would be futile which means, presumably, that there is at least one prize remaining.

Watch meat. Win meat. Try it and let us know if you win anything! The contest is open from now until December 29, 2014.

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