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Del Taco’s The Del Taco Review

the del taco

Del Taco recently rolled out a new flagship taco. Dubbed simply “The Del Taco” this crunchy taco comes in a larger shell packed with ground beef (or turkey) lettuce, cheese, and tomato. It’s meant to be a nod to the original taco offered at the 50 year old fast food chain. How does it rate? Read on.

the del taco

I’m pretty used to eating the standard 49-cent “taco” from Del Taco. It was a favorite of my late dog Logan who told me that it was one of his favorite fast food meals (sans shell of course).

logan eats del taco
MMM. Tacos!

Compared with that basic taco, this taco is hefty. It weighs substantially more than the smaller variety (which is now called the “Value Taco.”) In fact, The Del Taco weighs more than 2x it’s smaller sibling. The taco I received was as advertise: Packed with meat, cheese, and a light sprinkling of chopped tomato. As Del Taco says, it has the “perfect ratio of meat to cheese” and I couldn’t agree more. You taste the cheese in every bite. To get a sense of scale, here’s how it looks next to my old standby, the Grilled Chicken Taco (aka the Chicken Soft Taco):

chicken taco and del taco

As you can see, The Del Taco is thick and stuffed to the rafters. Nutritionally, it’s akin to eating 2 to 2.5 of the Value Tacos. You’d pay slightly more to go that route. When you consider the amount of cheese and meat, the higher proportions of cholesterol and sodium make sense. 


  Weight (g) Calories Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg) Sodium (mg)
The Del Taco 125 300 18 70 560
Value Taco 63 130 7 20 220


Taste-wise, it tastes just like a ground beef taco. Meaty, cheesy, delicious. Two of these and you have yourself a full stomach. And at $1.39 each, still a pretty full wallet.

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