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Del Taco Crunchtada Review

Del Taco has taken a page from Taco Bell’s playbook in terms of creating new menu items out of existing ingredients.  The latest?  The Crunchtada.  Even the name sounds like something the Bell would come up with.  What is it?  A tostada, plain and simple.

del taco crunchtada


del taco crunchtada

The Crunchtada comes in a basic and deluxe version.  The difference is the size, and the most basic version is meat, beans, cheese and lettuce on a crunchy shell.  It’s a tostada.  I said that already, but that is what it is.  The nice thing is that the cheapest version is on the Buck & Under menu, making it a nice alternative for those of us who like to order a bunch of different things for a good price.

Right now, Del Taco is offering a coupon to try one free if you “like” them on Facebook.  Check it out or try one by paying for it and stay off of big brother’s radar.

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