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Del Taco Chicken Roller Review

del taco chicken roller

When I first reviewed the Del Taco Chicken Roller back in 2015 I said you’d better order more than one because I ate it in seven bites. Well, this time I tried all four of these little fast food burritos on the Buck & Under menu:

  • The Original
  • Chipotle
  • Ranch
  • Queso

All four come with grilled chicken and either cheddar or pepper jack cheese. The only difference is the sauce. Here are my notes from my taste test:

del taco chicken roller

The Original was “cheesy” and you can taste the peppers. This one benefited from the addition of my old standby Del Scorcho sauce.

del taco chicken roller

The Chipotle version, pictured above, was also cheesy but the spices were really good and it had more of a “Mexican” flavor than the others. However, I found it a bit dry.

del taco chicken roller

The Ranch Chicken Roller was not as good as my usual Chicken Soft Taco which has a similar sauce. However, that might not be a fair comparison as the sauces are not exactly the same. The Ranch Roller has a true Ranch dressing type sauce. If you don’t like that you won’t like this. This one also benefited from Del Scorcho sauce.

del taco chicken roller

Finally, the Queso one was what I was looking forward to. As a fan of cheese and cheese sauce, I thought this would be the pinnacle of cheesy goodness at an affordable price. Well, this was probably my least favorite. Why? TOO MUCH CHEESE. I didn’t think the queso sauce meshed well with the solid cheese. 

Overall, I found it boring to eat four of these. They are all pretty interchangeable so I’d suggest going with whatever sauce appeals, get one and fill your order with other goodness from the menu.

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