Del Taco Anniversary Throwback Salad Review

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To celebrate the Del Taco 50th anniversary, the chain has brought back some throwback items, some of which were never really gone.  The Bun Taco, for example, was a staple on the Naugles menu and can still be ordered at Del Taco.  This is basic taco ingredients plus a tomato slice from the burger on a bun instead of in a taco shell.  

Apparently, you could also always order the Small Taco Salad, although people say they have mixed results depending upon the store location.  But now, everybody can try the Small Taco Salad, which arrives in a generic box normally reserved for Chili Cheese Fries.

del taco small taco salad throwback

When you open up the box, you are greeted by what amounts to a generous amount of taco ingredients sans shell.

del taco small taco salad throwback

The salad starts with a bed of shredded lettuce, a couple dollops of sour cream, cheese, tomatoes and five tortilla chips.  This is how mine looked when I got it home, and I especially liked the strategically placed chips.  It shows they cared.

The salad is pretty much what you would think eating a taco with a fork would taste like.  And that is to say, pretty good.  The meat was cooled off by the garden ingredients so this is not a hot item.  When ordered alongside other menu items like tacos and burritos, it makes a nice accompaniment you can save until last.

Check it out for the proverbial “limited time” or longer if your store likes to honor the classics year-round.

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