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Dairy Queen 1/2 Lb Grillburger Review

The Dairy Queen 1/2 Lb GrillBurger is a double-decker burger with two kinds of cheese – American and Swiss.  Shown below ordered as a combo #4, the burger comes with fries dumped into the box and a beverage.

dairy queen grillburger

dairy queen grillburger

Not a frequent DQ diner, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The burger was big and hearty, but somewhat dry and bland.  The meat was not too tasty, although I don’t hold that against fast food chains provided there is a decent meat-to-condiment ratio (ideally no greater than 1:1).  Unfortunately, as you can see below, it was more like 2:1.

dairy queen grillburger

There was a good piece of lettuce but a few lonely onions and a tomato that, coupled with a sparing dollop of ketchup, did little to offset the dryness of the patties.  The assembly, which places EVERYTHING on top of the meat, didn’t help.  As you know, McDonald’s figured this out a long time ago with the Big Mac, putting the special sauce on the heel and leaving the crown dry.  Burger King and Carl’s Jr. also like putting mayo and ketchup on the bottom, where your tongue encounters it first.  DQ would do well to take a page out of this playbook.  In fact, turning the entire burger upside-down did help.

The fries – oh, what can I say.  Disappointing is not the word since I had no real expectations here.  But these are those fake-coated variety that I lamented as part of a trend way back in 2009.  DQ obviously knows people don’t go there for the fries and it shows.

All in all, a drab meal that doesn’t drive me to crave DQ for lunch.

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