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Culver’s Reuben and Double Cheeseburger Reviews

culvers double cheeseburger

Look at that glorious burger. Doesn’t it just make your mouth water? As we recently reviewed with the Deluxe ButterBurger, Culver’s makes some mighty tasty fast food hamburgers. The Double is good, but I’d say it suffers from too much meat which messes up my desired meat:condiment ratio. This is a typical complaint with double burgers where the meat takes center stage. Those who like a meaty burger will probably be satisfied. I, on the other hand, like the overall balance and appeal of the toppings and meat working together in the single. Personal preference.

culvers double cheeseburger

My wife is a fan of the Reuben. She said this one had a generous amount of meat and the overall sandwich was well-balanced in flavor and quite tasty. It comes on a delicious grilled bread and tastes great with a side of crinkle fries. 

Like parents say to all kids in sports nowadays: They’re all winners.

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