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Cosi Buffalo Bleu Sandwich Review

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I don’t make it to Cosi much. But on a recent trip to Chicago, I stopped in to give the Buffalo Bleu a try. I am a big fan of buffalo chicken flavored sandwiches and wraps. The Cosi Buffalo Bleu is a fast food sandwich that tastes distinctly un-fast foody.

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The sandwich was served on multi-grain bread. However, it is more of a wrap than a sandwich, with the bread closed up on one side taco-style. Here’s the inside:

cosi buffalo bleu

Some fast food just isn’t pretty when you take it apart. This sandwich looks messy but basically what you get is chopped chicken, lettuce, and a bleu cheese dressing. When I order a Buffalo-X, I expect to taste the Franks hot sauce. Not that I expect it to be on fire, but I do expect a bit of a kick. This sandwich was very much on the mild side, with only a hint of the magic sauce that I craved. The sandwich was full and filling, with big chunks of chicken that were juicy and flavorful. And the bleu cheese dressing was not overpowering. A nice combination and a worthy fast food diversion – just not if you are craving Buffalo-wing-like flavor.

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