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CBO in the USA – Review

As we mentioned before, the CBO has arrived in America.  A staple on menus in several other countries, the CBO offers some interesting alternatives for McDonald’s fans.

mcdonalds cbo usa

There are two versions of the CBO, chicken or beef.  When you go with the beef option, the base burger is the Angus patty that makes up McDonald’s other specialty sandwiches.  The chicken version will be interesting to try and I will review that in an upcoming article.

mcdonalds cbo usa

The sandwich is sturdy and strikingly un-McDonald’s looking.  Employing a recent trend, the CBO comes wrapped in a made-for-holding paper wrapper inside a cardboard box.  As an aside, it is interesting to see how all the new sandwiches seem to be embracing the paper wrapper.  And you know how we here at Fast Food Source feel about paper wrappers!  We are FOR them!

mcdonalds cbo usa

My sandwich was hefty and generously endowed with nice fat pieces of bacon, tangy mayo spread and juicy onions.  My first thought when picking up and biting into this sandwich?  It tastes like something Jack In The Box would make.  That is not a bad thing.  In fact, Jack’s Ultimate Cheeseburger ranks up there near the top of Fast Food Source’s meaty cheesy hit list.  The CBO is meaty, cheesy, big, thick and juicy.  Exactly as it should be.

Bottom line, the beef version of the CBO is as advertised.  I look forward to trying the chicken variation, especially to find out if it digs Mickey D out of the bad chicken menu hole they seem to have fallen into.

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