About: Founded in 1961, Vancouver, WA.; 39 locations in OR and WA Contact: 1-888-TASTENW The Holland Inc., 109 W 17th …

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“Byron’s builds the classic Chicago dog and then some…” Read the rest of the review and see pictures at HollyEats.com

Carl’s Jr.

About: Founded in 1941, Los Angeles, CA. 900 locations in the U.S., Mexico & Pacific Rim Contact: 800-758-2275 Author Recommends: …

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I’ll probably get shot for saying this by the die hard Carney’s fans, but this is the runner up to …

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arbys logo

About: Founded in 1964, Boardman, OH. 3200 locations worldwide. “Arby’s” means “RB” which stands for “Raffel Brothers” (founders), not Roast …

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About: Founded in 1955, Des Plaines, IL. Over 26,000 locations in 119 countries. Contact: 630-623-3000. McDonald’s Corporation: One Kroc Drive, …

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