25 Year Old McNuggets


McDonald’s is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Chicken McNugget with a bevy of promotional material, a dedicated media relations website and a “fan” site called NuggNuts.com. Check out the site and if you are a Nuggnut, take the Nuggnut pledge.  Personally, I have enjoyed McNuggets but they never seem to fill me up.  Oh, …

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McDonald’s Moms Mean McBusiness

I recently received an email from Jen O’Donnell who works in public relations on a McDonald’s program called the Moms’ Quality Correspondents. According to the website, this is a group of “real moms” from all over the country who “have unprecidented access to the Mcdonalds’ system” and who “ask the kinds of questions that you yourself want answered.” They appear to be mainly focused on areas such as nutrition and wellness, with a healthy dose (pardon the pun) of articles about the Ronald McDonald House and charities.

O’Donnell tells me that “these Moms have met with nutritionists, suppliers and menu developers, learning about the food they feed their families from the inside out.” She goes on to say that, as an example, the Quality Correspondents “toured a potato farm, processing facility and Research and Development Center to see first-hand McDonald’s and its supplier’s joint commitment to food quality, safety, nutrition and sustainable farming practices.”

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Talking Breakfast

While not a fast food restaurant, Village Inn earns some recogintion on this site for not taking themselves too seriously. Check out this great TV add for their breakfast menu: {youtube}e134fr-zeSw{/youtube} Kudos to Village Inn. This is the kind of stuff that gets people talking!  

What Is Fast Food?

A lot of people ask me how I decide what restaurants to feature on this site. I can start by telling you the definition has some gray area, but generally here’s the criteria that I consider:

  1. Quick Serve: The chain should specialize in quick turnaround from order to food delivery. Table service (wait staff) restaurants aren’t excluded but are unlikely to be listed, even if they promote express lunch programs to lure more mid-day traffic.
  2. Drive-Thrus: If most of a chain’s locations do not have drive-thrus then I have to look more closely at the next few questions. But having a drive-thru does not automatically grant a listing (e.g. Starbucks.)

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Salad Days Never End

What goes around, comes around.  Back in the late ’80’s and early ’90’s, the fast food chains made a big push into the salad business, complete withsalad bars and all the fixin’s.  Then, mysteriously, salads took a back seat in the late ’90’s to yet another burger war. Now, salads are making a comeback.  McDonald’s, in particular, …

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Fast Food Rant (Time To Change Pt. 2)

OK, I know I have complained about this before, but when did someone decide the best way to give back change was to pour the coin change on top of the paper bills and then hand the entire mess over to the customer?!?! This pains me more than any other subject, so I thought I’d …

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Ode To The Big Mac (A Poem)

Big Mac, my friend, this you must know: Your special sauce comforts me so. When I am tired you’re there for me to say hello with your patties. The taste makes my stomach tickle. Is that onion or one thin pickle? Ingredients that become one Nestled inside sesame buns. Consistent as the morning sun For …

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Take A Calculator To Lunch

Being the fast food fanatic that I am, I often find myself computing the price differences in my head for ordering my lunch piecemeal and through various combos and promotions. This might sound a bit fussy and even a***-retentive (term omitted due to unappetizing nature), but everybody has their pet peeve, I always say. The …

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Fast Food Faster?

Stephanie Allmon of the Waco Tribune-Herald (Waco, TX) recently wrote an interesting article titled “We Americans want our food NOW and fast-food is trying to kick up the pace”. The article discusses the fact that many fast food chains are catering to time sensitive Americans by offering unique payment methods, timers at the counters and …

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