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Carl’s Jr.’s Mobile App is Deliciously Simple

carls jr mobile app screen

I’ve got a handful of fast food apps on my phone. Some are not very useful and only drive me to quickly uninstall. The Carl’s Jr. mobile app is a winner though. Super-simple to use and built for what you really want out of a fast food mobile app: locations and discounts. Let’s take them both in turn…


carls jr mobile app screen

There’s a big, friendly red CHECK-IN button on the app’s home page. Tap it when near a restaurant and you get 100 points. You don’t need to be inside the restaurant, just nearby. So, technically, you can earn points as you drive by Carl’s. I am sure the folks at CKE headquarters probably chalk that loophole up to “hey, they’re thinking about our store enough to open the app.” If you check-in more than once, you get the friendly note above. Cool.


carls jr mobile app screen

Like I said, the app is super simple. You get 100 points just for downloading the app, which is good for simple stuff like $1 off a combo. I especially like the $1 off a Charbroiled Chicken Club, the best fast food chicken sandwich on Earth, because Carl’s has been pretty stingy about grilled chicken coupons in the mail lately. Work your way up the tiers and it’s probably not a shock the deals get better:

200 points: $1.29 for any small side item, $1 off a Super Star
300 points: Free small fries or hash browns with purchase, BOGO Bean & Cheese Burrito
400-800 points: Varying BOGO deals
900 points: Free Crisscut fries
1000 points: BOGO Six Dollar Burger

carls jr mobile app screen

I like that I can see the deals I haven’t enough points for. But really, why not more free stuff? BOGO is fine but I get those in the mail every week. I don’t need to go to Carl’s nine times to get a BOGO Six Dollar Burger. There will likely be a rotation on deals and better stuff along the way, so that’s not a real complaint.

My one beef with the app is it’s name in my app drawer: Super Star Rewards. Why? Must be shared between Carl’s and Hardees, but I can tell you it’s pretty hard to remember to look under “S” for the app icon.

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