Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s Charbroiled Slider All Star Meal Review

carls jr slider all star meal

With the introduction of sliders to the Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s menu there is now an additional All Star meal. We previously reviewed the All Star meals and found them to be a decent deal at a fast food restaurant known recently for it’s ever-increasing menu prices. Of the now five All Star Meals, the Chicken Tender one is still the best deal and the best, nutritionally. But the sliders do offer a nice alternative to one of the burger-based choices.

You get two of the double cheeseburger sliders, fries, a drink and cookie for $5. Also previously reviewed, the sliders are not that great a deal on their own. But since the price of regular burgers on the Carl’s/Hardee’s menu are so high I’d have to say combining then with the rest of the contents of the All Star box make the meal feel more reasonable at five bucks.

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