Burgers and Sandwiches Reviews


About: Founded in 1961, Vancouver, WA.; 39 locations in OR and WA

Contact: 1-888-TASTENW The Holland Inc., 109 W 17th St., Vancouver, WA 98660

Burgerville does offer a good burger, and the food materials are all sourced from Oregon, Washington or Idaho, Tillamook cheese etc. There is only one burger size, just with a variety of toppings, each with a $ to them. They offer the usual fries and seasonal Wallawalla (sp?) onion rings which are way too greasy. Food quality is good and consistent throughout the establishments visited in the Vancouver, WA area.
The real drawback is the pricing. You can buy the combo (or basket) of the burger, Tillamook cheese, drink and fries in the only size available except for the drink – and it’ll run you about $7 to $8 bucks if you go for a shake in lieu of a drink. Trouble is, is that after you gobble it all down, you are still hungry. Drive south to Redding, the closest In&Out burger if you really want a treat. A Double-Double animal style, xl drink, and fries for under $5, now that is eating!

By John Stimson, Contributing Writer

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