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Burger King Whopper Jr. Review

burger king whopper jr

Following a desire this year not to spend too much for fast food, especially for quick lunches, I recently skipped the major fast food menu lineup in favor of this $3.99 special bundle from Burger King: The Whopper Jr. Deal. Anyone who has had a Whopper knows what this will taste like, but I was keen to see if this bundle was enough to fill me up for lunch.

burger king whopper jr

As the “Deal” name suggests, this is not simply a combo but another in a trend of bundles that are finding their way onto the low-to-mid-price tiers at several fast food restaurants. Low if you count the value of individual items, but combined in a new way to make a meal at a mid-price range of, typically, somewhere around four bucks. Actually, four dollars is now going to have to be treated as low, as fast food sandwiches on the main menu, especially flagship sandwiches, are often above five dollars all on their own.

burger king whopper jr

Anyway, this particular bundle comes with the namesake Whopper Jr. (no cheese), a small fries, a four-piece nugget, and a small drink. And, as is often the case at Burger King (for me at least), I found this meal to be completely fine but nothing spectacular. It is what it is. Yeah, it’ll fill you up in a small way, and $3.99 won’t break the bank. But the meal was unmemorable. If I hadn’t taken pictures I wouldn’t have even remembered to review it!

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