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Burger King In Spain – Barcelona 2013

On a recent visit to Barcelona I stopped by my neighborhood Burger King.  The interior was nice and familiar.  The menu had all the classics plus a number of interesting items.  Sadly, my pics of the main menu didn’t turn out, so all I have to show is this one for the side items and drinks:

My sad circle is pointing out something cool.  In Barcelona, you can have a cup of beer instead of a Coke or water.  Nice.

I tried the Steakhouse Burger.  What a glorious piece of sandwich engineering this is.

burger king steakhouse burger

Check out that magnificence.  The bottom-up assembly is heel>patty>cheese>bacon>onion strings>tomato>lettuce>mayo>crown.  Note they chose to put the mayo on top, rather than on the bottom as is customary for flavor (like on the Whopper.)

I found the sandwich hearty, meaty, and very tasty.  A perfect blend of toppings in every bite, topped off by a satisfying crunch from the onion strings.

Above is a curiosity.  I’ve never seen customer-accessible microwaves before.  This one was right next to the drink machines.  How cold could the food get 10 feet from where you pick it up?

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