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Burger King Geneva – Steakhouse Burger Review

Here is the latest visit to Burger King in Geneva. I reviewed this same fast food location in June 2013. It is interesting how the prices have stayed relatively flat. Below you’ll see that a Big King is CH13.90 and a Whopper is CH14.90. A year and a half ago, they were the same price.

burger king geneva menu

On this trip I attempted to revisit an old friend, the spectacular Steakhouse Burger that I had in Barcelona also in 2013. Back then, the burger was so picturesque that it graces the header of the Fast Food Source website. So, did the same burger in Geneva measure up to that high standard? Sadly, not even close. For the review, keep reading…

burger king geneva

First, what exactly is a Steakhouse burger? Well, the bottom-up assembly of the one in Barcelona was is heel>patty>cheese>bacon>onion strings>tomato>lettuce>mayo>crown. This one was pretty much the same, although it also had bbq sauce, aka Steakhouse Sauce. Maybe the one in Spain did too and I neglected to mention it. I don’t recall. Oh, and the base sandwich (they have three versions) does not come with cheese. So here it is heel>patty>bbq sauce>bacon>onion strings>tomato>lettuce>mayo>crown.¬†Anyway, that isn’t the chief complaint. Just look at the difference in quality. First, Barcelona:

burger king steakhouse barcelona

Now, Geneva:

burger king steakhouse geneva

See the difference? Sad, smushed, sparse. Oh, and cheese is not standard on this one. Not good.

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