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Burger King DIY Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Review

burger king buffalo sauce

I love a good Buffalo chicken sandwich. When the chicken breast is fried and drenched in Buffalo hot sauce, there’s a special kind of magic. But they’re hard to find a fast food restaurants, Arby’s Buttermilk Buffalo Chicken Sandwich being a notable and tasty exception. So, on a recent trip to Burger King I opted to make my own.

First of all, Burger King’s chicken sandwiches are nothing to write home about. Their Original Chicken Sandwich, proudly touted on their website as being “so good, we’ve been serving it since 1979” is a dull fried chicken patty accompanied by some whiffs of lettuce and mayo. No tomato, cheese, or other exciters here. In fact, the only “wow” factor to this sandwich is it’s funky sub-sandwich shape.

bk original chicken

That is, of course, until you do as I did and order it without the mayo and ask for a side of Buffalo sauce. Ask for two packets, as you’ll need enough to properly moisten this large sandwich.

burger king original chicken sandwich

All hail the multi-talented Buffalo Sauce. It makes anything fried taste good. BK’s sauce is buttery and pretty mild, but it does provide the kick I was looking for. I took a couple packets and dumped them above and below the chicken breast. The resulting sandwich was juicy and tangy. Kudos to Burger King for providing a decent-sized chicken breast. There was plenty in this sandwich to make it a satisfying meal. I still would’ve enjoyed plussing it up with some pickles or a tomato, but it was a good start.

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