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Blaze Pizza Reader Review

blaze pizza

We don’t normally consider pizza fast food here on FastFoodSource. But a recent trend is bringing super-fast preparation to the pizza space. Reader Avery K. from Indian Wells, California recently tried one such concept and here’s her review.

“Blaze Pizza, commonly called ‘Blaze,’ has many locations across the U.S. To me, and I’m sure many others, Blaze is the subway of pizza. Blaze is definitely a must for me in the lunch/dinner category. One can either create their own pizza, or order one of their staple options. I have very simple tastes, yet Blaze caters well. Blaze’s “Simple Pie” is my go-to pizza that includes mozzarella, parmesan, and of course, red sauce.

blaze pizza

“As for the service, the line progresses quick, and you can customize your pizza to your liking for an affordable price. First, as you enter the restaurant, you can enter the line and order up your pizza, or, if you want to customize your own, you can add ingredients as you please. Then, the cashier rings up your order and it is placed in a large pizza oven where your meal cooks for 6-8 minutes. The cooking process is quick; moreover, the longest wait I’ve ever experienced was around 10-15 minutes.

“The overall atmosphere is pretty casual and open for groups. Blaze is definitely a favorite restaurant between me and my friends.”

Thanks for the review, Avery. Sounds delicious although my pizza would probably involve way more meat!

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