Atlanta Terminal F Food Court

This might only slightly fall into the fast food category, but I passed through ATL airport the day after their new International Concourse F opened to the public.  Thinking they have to have a good selection of restaurants to satisfy the hunger of jumbo jet passengers, I was a bit surprised to find only a handful of quick serve choices.

atlanta food court

In fact, the upper level is devoted to a good-sized food court with only three restaurants:  Pei Wei, The Varsity and el Taco.  OK, who agrees that eating chiliburgers or burritos and then sitting for ten hours in an enclosed space with at least dozens of others who have also eaten chiliburgers and burritos might not be the best way to fly?  Pei Wei, quick serve Chinese, might only be marginally better.

Don’t get me wrong.  There need to be fast food offerings at the airport.  And it is nice to see a local chain like The Varsity represented for passengers who might just be passing through Atlanta.  But there are countless better choices across the rest of the airport.  So if you have time to kill, go down two levels and ride the Plane Train over to Terminal E or D for some sit down choices.  Or keep going to B, where there is a bigger food court with even more choices.

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