Are The Salad Days Gone For Good?

One benefit of the health craze of the ’80’s was the fact that many of the biggest fast food chains started selling all kinds of pre-packaged salads. I don’t just mean an Altoids-sized box of lettuce with a lonely tomato on top. I mean a real salad. Some restaurants event went as far as to have full-blown salad bars (e.g. Burger King & Carl’s Jr.)

Alas, it seems the days of an easy break from the usual fried fare are slipping away. Burger King has discontinued salads at most of their locations. McDonald’s is down to a multi-purpose salad shaker you can get with or without chicken, and even smaller chains are dropping salads and adding more burgers. Not that there’s anything wrong with burgers. But even a burger-lover like me needs a break now and then.

I have been contemplating this loss ever since I visited my local Burger King, where they use the remains of their once extensive salad bar to store extra napkins, salt packets, and condiments. Like the sneeze-guard is really fulfilling it’s purpose in live protecting the ketchup pump from drooling patrons.


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