Arby’s Reuben Review

Last night, my wife and I sampled two of the variations on the Arby’s Reuben sandwich.  The sandwich comes in both regular and double stacked.  The double meat version offers two additional choices:  all corned beef or corned beef and turkey.

arbys reuben

Both sandwiches arrived in appropriately-labeled wrappers, indicating that while these items are advertised as being available “for a limited time” they might just stick around a bit.  My wife had the standard Reuben, sans cheese, while I opted for a double-corned beef version without sauerkraut.  Here’s my sandwich:

arbys reuben double meat

And compare that with hers:

arbys reuben

First off, you can clearly see the difference between the regular and double meat.  My wife, a big Reuben fan, thought my sandwich more closely approximated the level of meat that one would expect when ordering a Reuben from a deli, which is the way Arby’s marketing department has been positioning the sandwich. 

Despite the size shortcomings of the regular sandwich, it did live up to taste expectations.  The meat was appropriately salty and savory, and the dressing and toppings were in just the right proportions.  Also, the marble toast is a nice touch and makes this Reuben different enough from other things you might order at Arby’s to make a second trip the same week not feel repetitive. 

One beef (pardon the pun) is the price.  At $5+ for the regular and $7+ for the double, we are getting into a pricey tier for a fast food restaurant.  In fact, our two combos, including my subbing onion rings for fries, rang up at $18 and change.  That’s Denny’s territory.

Nevertheless, the Arby’s Reuben is worth checking out.  Again, not sure if the “limited time” tag is a tease or a real thing, but if you happen to find yourself nearby and don’t want the same old roast beef or Market Fresh item, check it out.