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Arby’s Prime-Cut Tender Snack Review

arbys tender snack

Arby’s has chicken tenders. Just in case you didn’t know or have been living under a rock, Arby’s has been making a big push of late to make sure people know that they are the place to go for all kinds of meats. Their “We Have The Meat” slogan and fun employee t-shirts with all the different animals on it might make vegetarians cringe but meat lovers like me embrace the meaty love.

arbys tender

Arby’s is sitting on the fence between bundle and full blown combo with the deal in my latest coupon mailer. For $2.99 I get three Prime-Cut Tenders and a small order of curly fries. They call it a snack, I call it a cheap, light lunch.

The chicken tenders are decently-sized strips of white breast meat. Not processed like nuggets, these are more like what you’d find at KFC or the awesome Chicken Tenders from Freddy’s that we reviewed. They come with your choice of dipping sauce, and one packet is enough for the three strips.

arbys tenders

I got some Arby sauce for the fries, which always goes great. As you can see from the pic above, it’s not much. There’s no drink either. But for $2.99, this has got to be the smallest non-kids-meal I’ve ever ordered. Plus, it’s good!

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