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Arby’s Double Beef ‘N Cheddar Review

arbys double beef n cheddar

What could be better than a glorious stack of Arby’s thin-sliced roast beef drenched in cheese and Arby’s sauce piled high on an onion bun? How about a higher pile? Well, you could always ask for (and pay for) more meat on any Arby’s sandwich, but now they make ordering easier with three levels of some of their popular sandwiches. Here, one of my favorite fast food roast beef sandwiches comes in three varieties: Classic, Double and Half Pound. Not wanting to seem like a pig, I went for the Double.

arbys double beef n cheddar combo

This sammy is delicious. I’ve historically looked for the “two for” coupons, bought two regular Beef ‘N Cheddars, pulled the guts out of one and made my own double. Arby’s knows people like me, so they did it for me and saved themselves a bun. The meat is tender and juicy and the meat:condiment ratio is about 1.1:1, making you taste the meat slightly more than the other flavors, which for Arby’s is a good thing.

Couple the sandwich with a side of curly fries, some honey mustard and Arby’s sauce for dippin’ and a drink and you’ve got yourself a savory, tangy, sweet meal. Speaking of dips, thank you Arby’s for not being stingy on your sauces. It’s great to find more than ketchup dispensers for my in-restaurant dining.

Nutritionally, here’s how the three sandwiches rate (source Arby’s,com):


Product Weight (g) Calories Fat (g) Sat Fat (g) Cholesterol (Mg) Sodium (mg)
Classic Beef N’ Cheddar 195 450 20 6 50 1280
Double 301 630 32 11 100 2100
Half Pound 358 740 39 14 130 2530


OK, so that’s a lot of sodium in those bigger sandwiches, but not surprising. Still, when you’re craving a bit more out of your Arby’s experience and a regular sandwich won’t cut it, you can now make it a Double.

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