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mcdonalds grand mac

They advertise the Grand Mac as requiring two hands and that was truth in advertising. The latest in the new Mac trifecta (along with the regular Big Mac and new Mac Jr. sandwiches) is nothing short of gigantic. But it's not so much big in height as in diameter, and that is where I think it's an improvement over previous experiments at adding meat to the Big Mac.


what was it

Eagle-eye fast food fans can probably guess what this restaurant is from some of the clues hidden in the shape of the building and other characteristics. Although it's been painted, there's no hiding some of the distinctive elements of this chain's stores of the late '90's and early 2000's. Here's another angle that might be a give-away if the above picture isn't:

what was it

mcdonalds special sauce giveaway promo

Last Thursday, McDonald's did a one-day promotion giving away bottles of Special Sauce. The event was limited to 10,000 bottles nationwide. With just 150 bottles at one restaurant near my home in Phoenix, I had to rush to check it out. The one participating restaurant in all of Phoenix was downtown and gave away 75 bottles at 11:30am and another 75 at 12:30pm. To get a bottle, you had to say the special phrase "There's a Big Mac for that," which ties in with the promotion of the new Grand Mac and Mac Jr. fast food burgers.


Like we did last year, here's a look at how some common fast food coupons changed from the beginning to the end of 2016. And again, we're using the ubiquitous Arby's and Carl's Jr. coupons that appear in my mailbox like clockwork every two or three weeks. First, let's take a look at Arby's. Here's a 2-for special that expired on December 31, 2015 for both the Beef 'n Cheddar and the French Dip 'n Swiss:

what was it

This What Was It? picture is a bit too cruel to make a regular part of the game, so we're calling it a bonus. Before selling cell phones, this heavily-remodeled restaurant used to be known for light, fluffy, circular treats.

schlotzskys pastrami

Back in 2015 we reviewed the medium-sized Angus Pastrami & Swiss fast food sandwich from Schlotzsky's. Recently, my wife picked up a large version of just the pastrami and mustard for us to share. Holy cow! That's one HUGE sandwich.

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