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get the burger nick

Guest author Nick K. provided some thoughts on a recent visit to a very specific California fast food favorite:

Nick writes, "Get The Burger is located in Big Bear Lake, CA. They have cheese burgers, fries, hot dogs, and, of course, soft drinks." The fast food menu is all about the burgers, themed with hollywood movie studio names like The Director and The Leading Lady. Nick continues, "My favorite thing to eat there is the double cheese burger called The Producer. I think Get the Burger has some of the best burgers I‘ve ever tasted."

get the burger

On the decor, Nick says, "They have painted murals of forests across all of the walls. Get the Burger has a very unique set of decor, with some pieces that look like they come from Starbucks, and other pieces that look like they come from Hollywood."

Needless to say, he's a fan. "On a scale from 1 to 10, I give Get the Burger a 9.5."

Who? Get The Burger
Where? Big Bear Lake, CA
What? Burgers & Fries hot and made to order

mcdonalds angus burgers

I tried McDonald's new Third Pound Angus burger the other day and I was unimpressed.  The sandwiches come in three varieties, Deluxe, Mushroom & Swiss, and Bacon & Cheese.  I opted for the Deluxe, as I was curious how this would rate compared with other classic standard-topping burgers.

First, the patty, while thick and meaty, was also overly salty.  And if you know me, that is saying a lot as I usually like salty food.  The meat was also rather dry.  However, it sat well on the custom and sturdy bun and was sized right for the sandwich.  In other words, I felt like I was getting more burger than my usual McDonald's fare.

mcdonald's angus actual pictures

Here are some unedited pics of my sandwich.  Note the attractive box and the handy little flip down tab that tells you what kind you ordered.  Inside, the burger was partially wrapped in wax paper, suggesting I was in store for a messy juicy treat.  Upon closer inspection (sorry about the blur in the last frame) we see that this is truly a basic burger.  The assembly is heel, cheese, meat, cheese, tomato, leaf lettuce, sliced onion, pickles, mayo, mustard, and crown.  This assembly order befuddles me.  McDonald's knows that you want to put the flavors down lower on the sandwich closer to the tongue.  So why is there only a slice of cheese between the bread and the meat?  Everything else rides top-side.  I tried eating it upside down and it tasted a little better.

Aside from the salt, there was also too much mayo.  Now, I am a fan of the mayo/ketchup combination made popular by the Buger King Whopper.  But McDonald's seems to be saying they've already addressed that with the Big N' Tasty.  So ketchup is strikingly absent from this burger.  And mustard/mayo is NOT as satisfying.  In fact, the lack of ketchup or anything sweet only upped the pucker factor of the mustard/mayo/pickles.  That, combined with the saltiness of the patty kept me reaching for my Coke.

All in all, I say this is a decent effort and I definitely felt full, but I was not blown away.  Compared with, say, a Six Dollar Burger at Carl's/Hardee's this sandwich is playing catch-up.  Or should I say ketchup?!


Hardee's restaurants are introducing a serious southern comfort food. The classic fried bologna sandwich, dubbed "The Oscar Mayer Fried Bologna Biscuit". Although I have never been a fan of this, I have to say this looks pretty tasty.

hardees bologna


According to the press release, this is "a slice of melting American cheese and a folded egg atop a thick-cut slice of grilled Oscar Mayer bologna, all sandwiched between a signature Hardee's Made From Scratch biscuit."

If you have a Hardee's near you, check it out!


On a recent trip to Orlando, I had an opportunity to check out the first-ever Burger King Whopper Bar that recently opened at Universal's CityWalk.

burger king whopper bar

The Whopper Bar is a regular Burger King with a twist.  Aside from the standard burger offerings, you can customize your Whopper with a bunch of different toppings and over a dozen different sauce flavors.  Sandwich prices are not unreasonable for a theme park location.  A customized Whopper could be had in the $8 ballpark.

whopper bar condiments

While the premise is good, I was unimpressed with the execution.  First of all, you do not get to build your own Whopper.  Instead, you customize your sandwich at the register and the assembly happens behind the counter.  For anyone who has ever had a fast food worker mess up an order, a leap of faith is needed here.

Second, the store itself is small and in no other way unique.  I would've liked to have seen more thought put into how the guests could get involved with their creations.  For example, if Burger King wants to maintain control over the physical assembly of the sandwiches (meat, cheese, garden, etc) then they could've at least moved the sauce rack onto the public side and let patrons control that part of their Whopper experience.

All in all, though, I like seeing chains creating unique experiences and my hat's off to Burger King for giving tourists a reason to mention a fast food restaurant when talking about their Orlando vacation.

I had to take down the blog comment and bulletin board features temporarily, due to security concerns. So it's not like I don't want to know your opinion. In fact, you can still send comments to this site here.

People may not think of this, but there is a science to finding the right balance between the main ingredient (usually some kind of meat) and the toppings. I call that the meat-to-condiment radio and in my estimation, the ideal ratio is as close to 1:1 as possible.

Take, for example, the perfectly balanced taste of the Big Mac. On the meat side, you have two all beef patties. On the condiment side you have special sauce, lettuce, cheese, ... well, you know how it goes. But what some people complain about on the Big Mac, that the meat patties are scrawny, is exactly the reason the sandwich tastes so good. If the meat were thicker, say, two quarter pound patties, then the meat-to-condiment ratio would be almost 2:1. Way off. Remember when McDonald's had the Double Big Mac and the Big Mac Jr.? According to Wikipedia, you can still find these at some U.S. locations. But why didn't they succeed nationwide? Because of a 2:1 or 1:2 ratio!

Photo courtesy of McDonald's

Ok, maybe this is all unscientific, but if science is largely observation, this is science of a sort. I challenge you to put together any list of popular fast food items (nationwide menu, not a local fad) that successfully strays from a 1:1 ratio. I suspect that'd be a short list. Staying with McDonald's for a second longer, even the Quarter Pounder with Cheese keeps the ratio intact with two slices of cheese, a few pickles, and generous squirts of ketchup, mustard and onions. Simply a scaled up version of the classic cheeseburger. (Yes, there is a Double Quarter Pounder - maybe that goes on the exception list.)

About the closest thing I can think of that has meat and toppings out of balance is upgrading a regular hot dog to a JUMBO all beef version. Typically I avoid this, because it usually arrives on the same bun with the same toppings, throwing the ratio all out of whack.

In the world of Mexican food, things aren't any different. The meat-to-condiment ratio is quite evenly balanced in offerings from Taco Bell, Del Taco, Chipotle, and the like. Even meatless items like a Taco Bell Bean Burrito balances out the beans with red sauce, cheese and onions in the right proportions.


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