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jack in the box logo

Updated the Jack in the Box menu and there are some slight changes from last fall.  The Asian Chicken Salad appears to have been replaced with a more "healthy" Chicken Salad with lite dressing.  Overall, though, the lineup is pretty much the same and still offers a good variety.

mcdonalds monopoly game

I don't know why I get so excited about this - it's not like I've ever won anything.  But I just think the Monopoly game concept is fun.  Sure, everyone seems to get the same game pieces and there is probably only one actual piece printed that everyone needs.  But that is beside the point.

The magic of this game, for me at least, is that you are always working your way toward some potential prize.  For instance, getting two of the four pieces you need to win a car makes a person want to go back and try to get the other two.  And when you are one piece away, that just amps up the draw.  Clever.


It has been a LONG time since I went to Whataburger.  So I made the trek across town (my nearest one is out of business) and gave them a try.


whataburger sandwich

The sandwich is your basic burger.  Not bad, but not spectacular.  As you can see from the updated menu, they offer the ability to do some customization, but the toppings are not special.  I opted for the standard Whataburger single patty with cheese and it tasted like what you might have at a backyard bbq with friends.  That is to say, good and homemade tasting, not processed.  But there is something missing and I think it is a signature sauce.


whataburger guts

My opinion is they could stand to jazz up their selection with a few sauces.  Thousand Island, BBQ, maybe some more zesty and exotic sauces I probably wouldn't try. Their Whataburger Jr., which I also ordered, came nicely equipped with all the toppings of its papa.  But again, it is nothing to write home about.  With other chains like Carl's Jr. and Jack In The Box seemingly coming up with a new burger every week (not quite) it seems odd to me that Whataburger has not innovated since I last tried them.  Which now that I think about it must've been six or seven years ago.  Unless you think you are In-N-Out or some other chain with a distinctive product, that is a lifetime.

Bottom line, for a small fish in a very big pond, Whataburger seems content to offer a basic lineup.  Good luck with that.

> See updated menu

fast food source 10th anniversary

August marks the 10th anniversary of Fast Food Source.  Back in 2000, most fast food chains barely had websites, let alone full menus or nutrition information.  In fact, many well known chains didn't even have restaurant locators online.  So, in the early days, did a lot of linking to Yahoo for locations.

But one thing we did then that we still do now is rely upon manual collection of restaurant menu info by actually eating at the restaurants and writing down the menu boards and prices.  This is where you, the loyal reader, can play a part.  Use the comment area of our menu pages to post items not in our list.  The goal is not to just have a snapshot of one particular restaurant location's menu but a cross-section of that chain's offerings from across America.  That would be really cool.

Here's to another decade of fast food dining, reviews, information, and new food items.  Who knows what we'll unwrap in the future!

del taco

In a recent blog I complained about feeling short-changed on the tortilla size of the Chicken Soft Taco.  Well, on my last visit a couple of days ago I was somewhat surprised to find that my taco had grown another inch in diameter.  Instead of the puny 5" tortillas that were in my post, I now received fully-packed 6" ones.  What happened?  Were the smaller ones a fluke?  Did someone (mistakenly?) give me the Del Carbon tortillas?  Was I an unwitting subject of some secret experiment?  Noone may ever know, but I am grateful to get the extra few bites back in my lunch.

mcdonalds angus snack wraps

McDonald's will be rolling out three new Angus Snack Wraps on August 10.  The wraps "offer the same premium burger taste and flavorful ingredients as the Angus Third Pounders with the convenience of a portable, snack-size wrap."  The wrap comes in three varieties:

•       Deluxe: Red tomato, green leaf lettuce, red ring onions, crinkle cut pickles, American cheese, creamy mayonnaise and yellow mustard
•       Bacon & Cheese: Red ring onions, crinkle cut pickles, a strip of bacon, American cheese, ketchup and yellow mustard
•       Mushroom & Swiss: Sautéed mushrooms, Swiss cheese and creamy mayonnaise

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