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burger king

I don't eat Burger King very often.  In fact, I have not been wowed by any of their menu offerings for quite some time.  But I had a craving for that ketchupy-mayo taste that only BK does right.  I wasn't disappointed.


take a look at the handsome and clean look of the Whopper's box.  Nice, huh?  And nobody does language-free food ingredient icons like Burger King.  It almost makes you want to order something special so they will mark some lines through and around those groovy pictograms.


And inside, hey - look, a paper wrapper.  Simple, tasty.  Thanks, old friend.  I'll try to stop by more often.

taco bell

Recently, I gave the Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco a test drive.  We discussed whether this was a good example of corporate synergy or not, but the real test is the taste.

taco bell doritos locos wrapper

The taco comes in a generic wrapper (couldn't splurge for a Dorito-branded piece of paper?) but inside, it is cradled in its own custom cardboard sleeve.  This didn't really serve any special purpose that I could see, unless these shells are particularly susceptible to breakage.

taco bell doritos locos

From what I could tell, the shell appeared to be very similar to the normal taco hard corn tortilla shell.  The only difference is the familiar Doritos flavor coating inside and out.  The consistency of the crunch and overall taste of the taco was not diminished by the flavored shell.  In fact, I hardly noticed.  Reader Matt posted a comment on the other article with a similar observation.

My overall conclusion?  The Doritos Locos Taco is more hype than new taste sensation.  Still, for about a buck (or about a buck seventy for Supreme) this might be something worth a try on your next visit and see if you agree.

del taco

Take a look at this ad below, posted in the drive-thru lane at my local Del Taco:


Can you tell what they are selling?  At first glance, this looks like three deluxe tacos for $1.  But then I saw the word "more" and noticed the fine print below (very fine when viewed from my driver seat) "than 3 regular tacos."


OK, so now I think I get it.  I have to order THREE deluxe tacos and I will pay $1 more to upgrade those three tacos to Deluxe.  Weird.  I have to order three?  OK.  Now that I understand, can I order them now?  UM, no.  Look closely at the other corner of the ad:

Really Del Taco?!  I can only get this deal on three tacos, ordered between 3-11pm on Taco Nights?  What is Taco Night, anyway?  I thought that was Tuesday and Thursday.  In fact, that is what your website says too.  So, let me get this straight, Del Taco.  You made a special ad that is soooo specific that it only applies to a certain number of tacos ordered within two eight hour windows during the week?  Couple this with the prominent highlighting of Tyson on your chicken posters and I have to question your recent marketing decisions.

taco bell

Normally when I see any religion-related sign in a restaurant the most common one is "kosher."  So imagine my surprise when I walked into Taco Bell and saw not one but two signs targeting Catholics during the season of Lent.

taco bell for lent

I know the phone shot is a bit grainy, but it says "Tasty Choices During Lent!  We'll make any menu item without meat upon request."

When you think of it, I am sure any restaurant would do the same thing - I mean you could have a meatless Big Mac if you wanted (ack!)  And you may already know the story that Roy Kroc came up with the Filet O' Fish at McDonald's for those who chose not to eat meat on Lenten Fridays.  Also, Lent is the reason most restaurants (sit down, not fast food) default to clam chowder as their Friday soup of the day.  But hat's off to Taco Bell for stepping up and actually putting an ad together.  Amen Taco Bell.  Amen!


OK, we have had bacon cheeseburgers elsewhere - everyone has them.  But Jack's new BLT Cheeseburger tastes a bit different.  It actually tastes more like a BLT than a hamburger.


The sandwich is a basic cheeseburger, that's meat, cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomato with a couple strips of crunchy bacon on top.  Not sure if it is the assembly order (everything is pretty much up top) or just the bacony-ness of the bacon, but coupled with the mayo and lettuce this sandwich speaks BLT to me.


So I guess that begs a question - why not just sell a BLT and cut out the burger middleman?  Well, any JITB fan worth their salty bacon would know that Jack is all about the burgers.  And they have proven time and again, they are willing to experiment.


Just look at that sandwich above!  Nice job, Jack.  Once again you tantalize my taste buds with an unpretentious but delicious burger.

Image ©2012

It's that time of year again.  As McDonald's promotional machine puts it:  "The delightfully creamy, mint-flavored shake made with McDonald’s reduced -fat vanilla ice cream, Shamrock Shake syrup and topped with real whipped cream and a cherry has been an annual limited-time menu favorite since its introduction in 1970."  Hmm.  Honestly, I have never had the desire to partake, but I have friends who obsess over this.  And this is the first year the Shamrock Shake gets placed under the McCafe umbrella.

Try it now through March 25.

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