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raising canes

Raising Canes is a small chicken finger chain operating outlets in more than a dozen states.  The menu is an exercise in simplicity:  chicken fingers.  That's it.  You can have them as is or on a bun, but no burgers here.  There are a few main combinations, all basically settling upon the number of fingers and whether you get one or two sides.  My box had four fingers, crinkle fries, cole slaw and a piece of Texas toast.

raising canes

Yummm!  The chicken fingers were juicy, salty and crispy.  They come with secret "Cane sauce" which hopefully is not in any way connected to the fact that the namesake "Cane" is a dog.  The crinkle fries were thin and tasty.  The cole slaw was cool and sweet.  The Texas toast was, well, unnecessary.

Raising Cane's has a fun restaurant atmosphere, with a mirrored disco ball, campy movie posters, and top 40 music to entertain you while you feast.  They claim they can crank out 100 fingers in just a few minutes, making them an excellent go-to for last minute parties.

Check out Raising Cane's and enjoy something different.


Fast Food Source is pleased to add a new restaurant to our site: Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers.  I finally got around to trying out Freddy's, a frozen custard and burger chain similar to Culver's.  I ordered the #1 "California Style" which adds 1000 island and lettuce to the standard double cheeseburger.

The burger was full of flavor.  The hand-smashed patties are very then, which makes a double burger no big deal.  Flattening out the patty also helps the burger to cook all the way through.  If you like your beef well done, you will love Freddy's.  I found a bit too much singed meat around the edges of my burger, hanging off the sides like blackened condiments.  It was so dry and gristled I did not even feed it to my dog, who likes accompanying me on these taste adventures.

Here's the meat:

The combo comes with shoestring fries which were very tasty.  They give you a generous portion that fills up the rest of the basket.  But they have to - these fries are so skinny you need to eat three or four to equal one standard fry.  But I love the format.  Also, it didn't hurt that they sell Pepsi with my favorite type of ice - crushed.  Woo!  All in all, aside from the dryness of the meat, this meal was a winner.


On a recent trip to Atlanta I went back to the chain that likes to say they are better than Chick-fil-A.  Zaxby's is a sort of hodge podge of chicken items, with an emphasis on wings but also a pretty good Cajun chicken and chicken club sandwich.  Oh, and they have crinkle cut fries which never hurt anyone.  I've reviewed them before and you can read that here.

On this trip, however, I decided to have the base chicken sandwich but add some punch by subbing wing sauce for they standard honey mustard.  Here's what I got:



This one came with Zaxby's "signature Tongue Torch" sauce.  Not that hot, but a little kick which is what I was looking for.  Coupled with a cool slice of lettuce and a side of cole slaw, this was a fine quick and different meal.  Frankly, I am surprised this is not on the menu.  It combines everything Zaxby's stands for in one sandwich, but they can go ahead and name it after me if they want.

On a recent road trip, I got to thinking about the distinctive shape of some signs and how they easily tell the observer, from miles away, what is in store at the next offramp.  Take this picture for instance:

fast food freeway signs

Here we see three signs.  A distinctive star shape on the left, then a square, then some curious arches in the distance.  What could these be?  The first and third, I would say, are pretty obvious.  Carl's Jr. and sister chain Hardee's have a signature star, sometimes shown at a slight angle, but nevertheless distinctive.  McDonald's is the master of iconic signage.  Not much to say about the "golden arches" except that you can spot them from so far away that every other chain can only hope people will get off looking for McDonald's and then change their minds at the last minute.

That leaves the one in the middle.  Poor old Burger King.  Boring boxy square signs, re-purposed from the old square logo to the new round logo without changing the sign's shape, but newer round signs aren't any better.  What does a circle say about Burger King?  Nothing.  Why can't their signs be crown-shaped?  Who else has that?  If I was miles away and saw a star, a crown and some arches in the distance, Burger King might enter the discussion with my passengers about where to stop for lunch.  As it stands, that square/circle could be anything.  Even a gas station.

This might only slightly fall into the fast food category, but I passed through ATL airport the day after their new International Concourse F opened to the public.  Thinking they have to have a good selection of restaurants to satisfy the hunger of jumbo jet passengers, I was a bit surprised to find only a handful of quick serve choices.

atlanta food court

In fact, the upper level is devoted to a good-sized food court with only three restaurants:  Pei Wei, The Varsity and el Taco.  OK, who agrees that eating chiliburgers or burritos and then sitting for ten hours in an enclosed space with at least dozens of others who have also eaten chiliburgers and burritos might not be the best way to fly?  Pei Wei, quick serve Chinese, might only be marginally better.

Don't get me wrong.  There need to be fast food offerings at the airport.  And it is nice to see a local chain like The Varsity represented for passengers who might just be passing through Atlanta.  But there are countless better choices across the rest of the airport.  So if you have time to kill, go down two levels and ride the Plane Train over to Terminal E or D for some sit down choices.  Or keep going to B, where there is a bigger food court with even more choices.

wendys hot n juicy

To satisfy my weekend craving for a good, tasty burger, I have lots of choices.  But yesterday I decided to check out the "new" Hot 'N Juicy cheeseburger line at Wendy's.  According to the promotional material, the sandwiches come with "New premium toppings" including crinkle-cut pickles, sweet red onions and "thick hand-sliced tomato" accompanied by "juicier, thicker beef" on a "buttered, toasted" bun.  Looking at the pic above, doesn't that look tasty?  Here's what I got:

wendys hot n juicy

wendys hot n juicy

If it seems like I am bagging on chains for their new entries a lot lately, I'd only say that the food needs to live up to the hype.  And it is only going to be as good as the local store makes it - so if you are going to show a beautiful gigantic burger and then deliver a compressed hockey puck, well the pictures speak for themselves.

The Hot 'N Juicy line replaces the core burger menu.  That is, the standard Single, Double and Triple all now bear the H'NJ moniker.  The sandwich is assembled with cheese on the bottom, then meat, then cheese, then lettuce, onion, pickles, tomato (look at that "thick, hand-sliced" number on mine) and mayo.  Yes, the bun is toasted.  Yes, everything is there.  But c'mon, this is not a premium burger and I tasted little difference between this and the last 1/4lb Single I had before the change.

Here's something else that is odd.  Before heading to my local Wendy's, I looked up the new burger on their website.  Here's the nutrition page:

wendys hot n juicy

It might be hard to see, but note that "Dave's Hot 'N Juicy 1/4 lb. Single" is shown to include Applewood Smoked Bacon and Honey Mustard Sauce.  Um, what?  Now, I was positive this was a mistake, but was curious enough to just order the sandwich straight as on the board (a "Number one" combo) and, of course, these two ingredients are MIA.  Wendy's, your burgers should be sloppy, not your information.

Speaking of sloppy, we should address the base implication of a "Hot 'N Juicy" product.  That is, the burger should be both hot and juicy.  Putting aside the fact that "juicy" meat just sounds gross when you think of it by itself, how was my burger?  Again, not much difference between this and the previous.  I have always liked Wendy's burgers for their taste - the right balance of meatiness, saltiness and juiciness that is balanced well against the condiments.  But I was not blown away on first bite thinking "Hey this IS juicier."

So, on the hit-or-miss scale, I'd put this one right on the line.  If you like Wendy's burgers, you will be happy with this.  If you are looking for something different from what you have had in the past, you might need to look elsewhere.  Like maybe the "Baconator."

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