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OK, we are trying the experiment where we bring back the menus, only as photos instead of text.  This will make uploading newer menus a bit easier, although there is still no guarantee I will get around to frequent updates of every chain.  Here is the menu for Tommy's, found in the normal Tommy's restaurant page.

And, just for fun, here is a glorious shot of my most recent chili-cheese dog, no tomato.


Also, I have added a scan of the Togo's menu here.  It is rare that I get over to Togo's, but there aren't any near me.

Let me know what you think of the new online menus!

First off, as you know, FastFoodSource is not a nutrition website.  However, as fans of fast food, we do report on nutritional information from time to time, especially when an announcement like this one comes along.

By now you may have heard that, beginning this week, McDonald's restaurants across the USA will begin adding calorie information to their posted menus.  You can read the actual press release here.  Frankly, this is not news, as a lot of states have already begun mandating this information and I see it on menus more and more as I travel.  What is interesting is the prospect that McDonald's will be able to drive an industry-wide change before every state gets to mandate the same rules.  This way, McDonald's takes the lead, looks proactive, and all the other chains will likely have to follow.  Shrewd move, McDonald's.

It will also be interesting to see what changes on the McMenu.  In the press release they say "To make nutritious choices more convenient and accessible, McDonald’s revealed plans today to test foods that would increase the number of wholesome choices on its menu."  This is the area we here at FastFoodSource will be watching in the upcoming months.  Will there be halfhearted nods toward nutrition like salads that, when loaded with fried chicken strips and heavy dressing could actually be less healthy than a burger?  Or will there be more attempts at true diversification into the healthy food arena?  They say the latter.  According to the press release:  "more seasonal fruit and vegetables options" and "additional produce side options and grilled chicken choices" among other steps.

The final question is, even if McDonald's makes these changes - will they stick with consumers?  Will people snap up McWraps and cucumbers?  I don't think people go to McDonald's for those things.  But who knows?  Only time will tell.

I just find this appropriate.

Check out the golden fried goodness of Culver's fried chicken:

Now, Culver's suffers from the same fate as all other restaurants selling fried chicken, that is one of availability.  I received a drumstick and a breast, which is an odd combination of dark and white meat.  But that is all they had ready and I can't complain, because at least they SELL fried chicken!

Back in January, I said we'd be phasing out the online menus here on Fast Food Source.  This was largely due to the fact that it is a real pain for me to go around and capture all the menu information and then manually update it.  Several readers have requested that we bring the menus back.

I was trying to think of a way to satisfy those requests while also making the update process a little less torture for me, and I think I have something that will work.  When I go to a restaurant, I normally take pictures of the menus.  Then, when I have some free time, I translate that information into text for display here on  What if we simply display the menu images, like this?

Now, I understand the images might be hard to read, but I will do my best to put the cleanest pics up.  Also, I've expanded the width of the images by 10% on the pages so they are easier to read.  What you would see, then, is the usual menu page with a series of images of the latest menus that have been captured.  I'll also post the date so we can keep track of the current ones.

Anyway, I'm thinking I will give this a go over the next few weeks and see if it works.  But I welcome your thoughts.

Check out this crazy drive-thru situation at a McDonald's I visited recently.  They were doing some construction to the drive-thru lane and had to route people out into the parking lot.  They had this one young lady with a headset on relaying orders to someone inside at the register.  The challenge of ordering was compounded by the fact that you could hardly see the menu off in the distance.  You can sort of see the side of the menu against the wall beside the ladder.

Next, the fun really picks up as another lady comes up to your car, takes your money, runs back to the window, pays, gets the food and runs back with everything.  God forbid you asking for anything extra after that!

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